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I am a wood crafter artisan from the southwest Missouri Ozarks.I may just ramble on here about my art workings, my life, and my fancies about what I find fun and interesting in this world.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More to come....

You might think I'm a little slow or something. I've only written 3 posts in a little over a month. (since Feb.22) I have to admit I am a bit of a procrastinator, but I am a newbe to blogging. I was reading someone's post on a etsy shop that she had started a DAILY blog, and I thought "oops"!
Well...I doubt I'll ever get around to daily, but I'll be back soon. I have some stories to tell...about... Hidden Treasure, and the Jealous Aunt; and The Tornado; and My Great Garage Sale Finds; and maybe I'll show you my process on an art project or two...
My husband has to connect the scanner to my computer, and my daughter has to bring me back her camera that she borrowed back, just because she was going on a little cruse. ( I guess I should get my own camera, huh?) And would you believe my dog ate my homework? guess not... I forgot...I don't have a dog. Don't think I'm a bad person tho.... I like to look at other peoples dogs. I guess I'm rambling on a bit, and now I have to go get ready for work... (which I figure is another good excuse why I don't blog daily.) anyway.....I'll be back soon.......


  1. I don't know how some people blog everyday. I only have time to do a post once a week and not always then.

  2. Glad to see you're still "ticking" - I blog between projects and generally take the weekend off!!! Today, I'm staining boards for my kitchen...we hope to finish most of the remodel this weekend, but I'm not counting on it for sure yet!

  3. I don't blog so anything you do beats me! Looking forward to your "stories".