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I am a wood crafter artisan from the southwest Missouri Ozarks.I may just ramble on here about my art workings, my life, and my fancies about what I find fun and interesting in this world.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What am I Doing Here?

I'm not too sure. I guess it's partly because everybody else is blogging; well anyway lots of other artists and crafters are...(some of their blogs look kind of complicated), and, word is, people like to get to know you, and might be more inclined to buy something from you, so... here I am. (oops...I probably wasn't supposed to tell you that.) I guess to be honest, I'm here to sell something, of course...but please don't think I'll get too pushy about it.
I started this little shop on etsy.com If you're curious at all, you're welcome to have a look....