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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Labor of Love - A Work in Progress

   For several years I have wanted to make a large Noah's Ark. I wanted it to be somewhat patterned after the Noah's Ark toys that were made in the 1800's that people made or purchased for their children to play with on Sundays. Their children were not allowed to play on Sundays, in what they thought were foolish ways, as they might play on other days, but must play more quietly and reverently on the Lord's day. You can see some examples of these antique Arks here...http://www.oldwoodtoys.com/noah%27s_arks.htm
   This summer has been the perfect time for me to get at projects I've wanted to do, because I'm on lay off from my "regular job". But the more important reason to make my Noah's Ark now is my grandson Isaac. He's going to be 4 in October, and he's at just the age to really enjoy playing with it. And since he moved far away from Grammy last year I wanted to make him something really special. So I thought he also might like to look at some pictures of how grammy made his Noah's Ark, and maybe some of you would too. While I was at it I also made one to put in my Etsy shop. My Noah's Ark bank is 1 foot long so I decided I wanted this ark 2 feet long and basically doubled all the measurements on the small ark.

I cut the 24" board and made the end pattern and the cut the base on the band saw...
Then I cut the "house" ends and sides, cut the door, and assembled them...

 Then I started drawing and making patterns for the animals and Mr and Mrs. Noah...

I  made thin plywood templates to mark my animals and cut them on the scroll saw.

I filed and sanded all the edges ...

I base coated the ark and all the animals, and detail painted the animals.

I detail painted the rest of the ark, went back out to the garage and attached it to the base, and put on the roof. I painted the roof, then sanded the animals and ark to give them the "time worn "look.Then I added the dove to the top and gave it all a hand rubbed wax stain.

                 And I hope someone will want the other Ark I made to sell in my Etsy shop too!
                                                              My ark collection...


  1. Thank you for sharing the process Jen. I loved seeing it. I am sorry that your Isaac moved far away. I know that hurts a Grammy's heart. I can't wait to hear what he thinks of his ark!

  2. This is something for Isaac to cherish forever. A gift from his grammy's heart.


  3. This is precious! What a gift!

  4. How beautiful! Truly a precious gift and what amazing skills you possess to make it!

  5. wheeeeeeew!!! I'm exhausted just reading about the hard manual labor involved. But.........anything for Isaac ♥ ♥ ♥

    sammysgrammy (Rita)

  6. Oh my word how beautiful! So great!

  7. He He! That's right Rita! It's been in the 90's too, so that work out in the garage was tough! Not to mention going to the lumber yard and shuffling through a few dozen boards to find good ones! LABOR of LOVE as I said!

  8. Thank you for sharing your work! Amazing...I loved the journey with you. I know that Issac will treasure this always...beautiful

  9. Thanks to all! I'm hoping I'll sell the other ark to help buy a plane ticket to see my Isaac! And of course his mom and dad!

  10. Love seeing the process and it's great!
    Lots of work though.

  11. Wow that is really beautiful and so much work!
    I pray that someone buys it and recognizes all the work that went into it.

  12. What an amazing, priceless gift. A true labor of love! How beautiful!

  13. Oh, my goodness! That is wonderful! Wow! May the universe continue to bless your hands! Be the LIGHT!

  14. Oooh, these are all beautiful works of art. I love all of your creations. Thank you for sharing with us:)

  15. Oh my goodness what a wonderful piece and so much work. But well worth it. I hope you get to fly to see him soon.