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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Country / Farmer Wannabes! -Or --We sure miss "our " cows

Ain't they beautiful!
This was our wonderful view out back of our home here on Mulberry Lane, when we moved in some seven years ago. Okay, so they weren't our cows, but we sure did get a kick out of sittin' on our back porch watching em. Sometimes we'd even moo at em, and embarrass our teen aged daughters. We enjoyed the calf's too, buttin' heads, and kickin' up their heels. My dear husband was inspired, so he built us this windmill. (I made the flag, and painted the propellers)

He put up the little corner fences, and planted morning glories-you can see climbing up the fence too. Our builder said he knew the owner of that land, and he would never develop it. He was half right--he didn't develop it but he sold it. I had a feelin' it was too good to be true. Anyway, we had a couple good years of "our" beautiful cows.
(with none of the responsibility) Here's our view now. The low spot where the cows were in the picture is a sink hole, so they didn't build very close- that's a blessing. But also, as you can see, our beautiful windmill is gone too. Since it was a homemade contraption, it wasn't latched down quite right, and a major windstorm propelled it right off the stand and busted it. My hubby says he's gonna rebuild it one of these days, but I just don't think he's quite as inspired without "our" cows. So now if we wanna be inspired we might take a Sunday drive in the country. So you real farmers out there be patient with us if we're drivin' too slow, cause we're just admiring those gorgeous cows of yours, an bein' wannabes


  1. I feel your pain, one of the things I fear is that one of our neighbors will decide to sell the undeveloped land around us and we'll loose our tranquility.If it's meant to be,well, but I sure hope it isn't.
    You can drive by and look at our cows anytime. Even stop and visit if you'd like!

  2. So sad. But that is what we do and hopefully you have acquired some really wonderful new neighbors! (and maybe it smell better?)

  3. I'm in too much "city" to suit me too. Oh for some cows...
    Joy from JoyfulHandKnits.etsy.com

  4. Here are some windows to other farm worlds that inspire me when I don't wanna go Sunday drivin'.http://janeaugenstein.blogspot.com/

  5. Too bad about the land getting sold - and your cows too! Change can be good, but I would not like THAT kind of change myself!!!

  6. I lOve It!!! God works ALL things together for good for those who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose! He also owns the cattle on a thousand hills...maybe He moved them to a place where people need to see them more than you do now :o)

  7. I hate to burst your bubble Kippy, but more than likely they've moo-ved on to someones quarter pounder at McDonalds.
    But we are indeed fully blessed by our God from whom all blessings flow!

  8. teehee...like I said, someone needs them more than you...He opens His hand and feed us all!

  9. How fun to see this side of you!

    We'll be back soon. See ya then!

  10. Good evening, I love your art work. It is just beautiful. I have a dear artist friend who lives about Branson in a small town, she has sold on Ebay for a long time and designs her own patterns. Trish McMurry.
    I am like you, we live on a 2 acre lot with pastures on one side and dear friends on the other. I was so afraid of them selling the land, but their daughter has built a large home on the back side of the large pasture, so I guess we are safe for awhile. I love looking out my bedroom window and seeing the cows.
    Please come back to visit.

  11. It's too bad the cows are gone. I would've loved the view too.
    I was just looking at your older posts and seeing your pretty art!