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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fancy That! Some of my Latest Endeavors on Mulberry Lane

This past week I've made a couple of my Noah's Ark Banks. I designed this in 1994 when I was wholesale marketing, doing business as Country Folk Artworks. I think it's a sort of timeless piece, because it is styled after early American Noah's Arks, and they are still a fun folk art collectible, or decor for kid's rooms.

As you can see it has 2 elephants, 2 bunnies, 2 llamas, and 2 prairie dogs, and the dove on top. There's a coin slot in the center of the roof, and I've lettered Saving For A Rainy Day, and waves around the base. I really want to make a larger Ark-toy or collectible, with a ramp door, and more animals.
         Here's my other piece I listed in my Etsy shop this week. It is one of the boxes I got at a garage sale, that I wrote about in my last post. I had painted one similar to this for my daughter for Christmas, and she loved it. I'm hoping someone will love this one too! It would make a nice gift. I love the paint that I used to basecoat this. It's DecoArt Elegant Finish Metallic Paint--Rich Espresso (acrylic). I got it at Micheal's Crafts. I used Folk Art Metallic Gold for the hearts. I hand cut my own stencils for the hearts.  I'm thinking of doing the other 2 boxes the same, with different color schemes. Any Ideas?
 I got an order for my Folk Art Painting with Sheep under the Moon and Stars- Psalm 19:1 Here it is Painted.
     And here's the finished piece - lightly distressed and with the wax stain finish ......
                                  This is painted on a pine board. It's about 11" X 16"
                               Here's a grouping some of my work I've done this past month...
       In my next post I will share some other artisans I admire. Y'all have a great week! ♥ Jennifer


  1. Ooooh, love love love the "piggy" bank!!

  2. I'm a big fan of yours, you know! Love the ark - so cool!

  3. What a beautiful collection you are showing...makes me smile

  4. I love your work!!! I am especially partial to Noah's Ark...it is so cute!

  5. What gorgeous, amazing work you do! I love the Noah's ark bank!


  6. What a cute and clever concept - Saving for a rainy day, bank. This one shouldn't last long!

  7. Thank you so much for including our cute cottage print and our yellow shelves. I love your blog and we are going to follow you.