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I am a wood crafter artisan from the southwest Missouri Ozarks.I may just ramble on here about my art workings, my life, and my fancies about what I find fun and interesting in this world.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Who am I?

 Word is, you might like to know a little bit about me. My name is Jennifer. As I said in "about me"- I'm an empty nester. Well,  mostly...I still have one daughter, Shawna, at home, but my son, Ben and other daughter Melanie are both married, and out of the nest now. I miss them very much, however it did free up some room in this here nest!
 I set up my new art room, and started researching on the internet, where I found etsy, and made some things to set up my shop there. I enjoy creating things for myself and for others, and it's fun to meet new people who share a love for Folk Art and other handmade things. It makes my day when I get nice emails and feedback about my work.
   My dear husband organized the garage so I can get to my tools,  wood, and supplies. (I do all my own woodworking. I'm not afraid of major power tools.)  While he was at it, my husband, Dale, made me this lovely porch swing!  (We will be married 10 years this July.)
  Aside from an occasional gift, or custom items for friends, I haven't been crafting much for about 15 years, when I got a "regular" job.
  In the early 90's, as a newly divorced mom I started my craft business-- Country Folk Artworks. I did craft shows, and had a booth in a craft mall in Branson, Mo. I started wholesaling to some local gift shops, then I got a sales rep. who took my samples to gift markets and got orders for me from all over the country, and some in Canada. I also had 3 items that were sold through The Country House Catalog, including my Santa Checker Board. I sold over 300 of these Santas one year.
  My love for art, and drawing and painting started in my childhood. My mom painted in oils and two of my Aunts were artists at Hallmark Cards, one in design, and the other in production art. They both were oil and watercolor painters also. My grandpa was an artist, and sign painter, also. We had a lot of art books around the house from which I learned a lot. In the early 80's when I discovered Country Living magazine I really learned to love Folk Art, and woodcrafting. Here are a few of the first things I made for myself. ---( The cow, and Angel and horse weathervane reproductions.)
 If you're not bored yet, I might ramble on more, about me, another day. Thanks for your time, Jennifer


  1. How wonderful to learn more about you. Thank you for sharing :)


  2. Very fun to learn a bit more about you =) Love that you have lots of artsy people in your family!

  3. I love to *meet* other crafters, & it is so nice to learn more about you!

  4. Hi Jennifer, your blog is so warm and cosy. I also was a great fan of Country Home. Really miss it.
    I'm proud of you tackling those power tools.

    Rita from sammysgrammy.etsy.com

  5. Hi there - I see you have joined the blogging community! How nice! Of course you already know I'm a big fan of your vintage signs! I hope to read more from you in the future, and glad you signed up as a follower of my blog!

  6. Hi and welcome to blog land!!

    Thanks for stopping by and I must say, this 'empty nester' thingie is a bug that soon effects your whole world! At first it was hard to adjust and now.. it seems I just don't have enough time in day to do what I want to do.

    good luck with your rediscovered talent and yet you shall do wonderful and see amazing sights here shortly.

    with love,