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Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's New on Mulberry Lane?

 I was on summer lay off all summer from my "regular job" at Graystone Graphics. I've worked there for 16 years. We print tee shirts and sweatshirts, etc. for Senior High School students among other things, and ship all over the country. I work in the art department  there, and I arrange the student's signatures or typeset names in their design and hand trace the signatures.  I guess you could say I get paid for forging signatures! : )

I so enjoyed being off- to work on my wood crafts and one of my other favorite things...Garage Sales!  Here are some of my best buys... This antique violin for $5.00! It just needed a minor repair and strings-$47.00 and it's worth about $350.00. I already have a violin so I'm selling this one on craigslist.com.
  I also got myself some great tools for my workshop...a variable speed Dremel tool which I use for wood carving- $3.00!!! (I wore out my old Dremel tool.) A trimmer/router - $10.00 -which I used to remove a lot of the wood from the heart tray pictured above! ( It's for sale in my Etsy Shop-http://www.etsy.com/listing/56018211/heres-my-heart-handcarved-wooden-tray )

And this nice miter chop saw for $20.00! Very handy! My husband gets to use my new tools too!

I also got lots of vintage items to sell in my new shop on Etsy! Check it out!!!...
                   Old Bittersweet Vintage Shop 
My shop banner is an old street sign from a street nearby!  I thought it made a great name for a vintage shop, as old things bring back memories of people, and things, and days gone by, and that can sometimes be both a little bitter/sad, but also sweet! And my Avatar (Badge picture) is one of my Aunt Janice's little watercolor paintings she did in the 60's when she worked at Hallmark! (See my Post about her if you haven't already ... http://mulberrylanefolkart.blogspot.com/2010/04/buried-treasure-and-jealous-aunt.html )  

I  got a lot of frames that I'm making into chalk boards for my shop too! Here are 2 of them. I'll be adding more to my shop soon!
Mulberry Lane Folk Art

And! I found this great old crown molding that I used to make this birdfeeder! Here it is before I painted it.
                                 And here is the finish! I call it a Victorian Bird Feeder!
I hope you enjoyed my ramblings on about my summer! I guess if you were bored you'd be gone to something else by now! I'll be back soon! Having a wonderful time, wish you were here!...Oh You Are Here!... well uh... anyway...  have a nice day!  Jennifer