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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Love Garage Sales!

I can't sit around here blogging too long. There's a bunch of garage sales out there waiting for no one. The early bird catches the worm you know. Here's a little treasure box I got last week!
There were 10 beautiful old rusty horseshoes in there for 50 cents! I couldn't believe it. I took 'em home and my daughter said "Are you crazy" or something to that effect. Anyway here's a start on what I'm doing with them....
                                       I gotta go now...I'll be back with more in a little while!
                                  I'm Back! Here's are some of the treasures I found this morning...
 This beautiful little copper piece (does anyone out there know what you call these?)-50 cents. I got the candle awhile back at another sale for 50 cents also, and it's never been used. Also...
 These vintage cookie cutters for 10 cents. I found a set on ebay for $12! I love the old green handles! And..
    these came along  in the box too! At that sale I also got a nice Bass Pro 2 man camping tent for $1 and it was just used by a little boy to play in inside the house.  And...
                           Three unfinished wooden boxes to paint and decorate--$1 each
This metal shelf sitter. I put it on my kitchen window ledge. It has 5 votive candle holders which will make it pretty at night.  And...
                              These Chicken salt & Pepper and toothpick holder for 25 cents!  And...
 A horseshoe hanger! I paid $2 for this, and I plan to put it on some kind of board and put it in my etsy shop.
                         Here's my best treasure I got about 5 years ago...
This is a Victorian era 5 leg oak dining table. When I got it it was painted white, and I stripped and refinished the top, and sanded back the rest and stained it. Here's the top...
It also has a leaf . I researched these a little and they were about $800-$1000! My garage sale price--$20.00! I found 6 pressed back chairs on sale at a local furniture store. Their color really matches the table.  Here's my side board here in my dining area---more bargains...

The top piece with the Lions, I got about 38 years ago. I painted a landscape for it. I used it for a hall table for years. It is a top piece for a Victorian Sideboard.  The bottom dresser part I got at a yard sale last year for $20! Garage sales can be lots of fun! Some days you can find lots of great treasures! I have a lot more I could tell you about. Let me know if you're interested!



  1. Wow!! You sure know how to shop! I love horseshoes too by the way! =)

  2. Wow, you sound like a girl after my own heart, Mulberry. "Garaging" and "estate saling" have been my avocation for many years. I, too have an antique dining table, round, oak, pedestal base, two leaves. It's one of my proudest possessions and filled with many happy memories.
    I could go on for pages but I'll stop and say, it's a great hobby, don't stop.

  3. The piece is called a SCUTTLE BUCKET.

    I used to work in a store called Pickers Paradise. You can imagine all the goodies I used to come across.


  4. I have a horse shoe collection of strictly shoes that I've FOUND 9not bought) and they are all different styles - some are racing plates from my harness racing days, some are shoes with big studs for ice, some are pony shoes, and even weighted ones with 'trailers' on the side to improve speed of the horse running on a track. You'd never guess they make so many different kinds! I like your idea of using one as a decorative element on the bird house - clever and rustic looking!

  5. Thanks for the visit & the follow & WOW! Beautiful work here!:) Very inspiring & makes me want to go treasure hunting some more for more treasures to work with:)

    Thanks again, and have a beautiful fun weekend!:)