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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Fun and My Favorites!

                This week I made a new Noah's Ark Birdhouse for my etsy shop. 
 My pictures of  the old one were not very good, and I had sold that one awhile back to a friend. Anyway, I added this fun sign to it! Of course some people might not know that Noah's Ark landed on Mt. Ararat, and of course dear old Noah didn't know where in the world he was going to land. He just trusted God, and obeyed. I still like my little sign tho!
   Some people may not have heard the term "or bust." I googled it...The term began in the 1930s when many dust bowl farmers left drought stricken Oklahoma for California with the phrase "California or bust" written on signs attached to their trucks. Due to the drought and the Great Depression, these farmers were literally financially bankrupt and using the last of their few dollars to make the trek west.(Wiki Answers)
  I listed  my ark twice--with or without additional animals, and put in the option of  making it as just an ark, without the birdhouse hole. Here are the links:
  Here is my item I listed today!          I cut out 2 little hens and made them into a basket...

I sanded them after I painted to make them look
  'Time worn", and nailed on the slats and stained it. Here's the link...

 Here are a few of my favorite sellers items on Etsy! Click on them and have a closer look!. 
You can view more of my favorites here-http://www.etsy.com/people/mulberrylanefolkart/favorites?page=3


  1. Thank you SO much for including both my Tiger lillies and my cows!!!!
    Your pieces are great, I plan to look further into your shop.
    Best, Roxanne

  2. Thanks for including me in your favorites! I love the noah's ark birdhouse, very cute!

  3. Thank you for including my watercolor. Love your work .

  4. Thank you so much for including me as your favorite. What a wonderful collection of items! Lovely colors.

  5. Thank you for including my Corgi note cards in your favorites! You already know you are one of my fav artisans - I always check out your work!

  6. I love your ark and your chicken basket.


  7. I like the sign too. Adds a touch of whimsy.

  8. LOVE your chicken basket! And thanks for including my summer tree.

  9. Your arks are all so cute. I too enjoyed the sign and agree it adds whimsy! Your shop is full of wonderful items too. Thanks for including me in your favorite shops!!

  10. I love all your work, and i think the sign is a great addition. THank you for including my gourd in your favorites!

  11. Such a cute birdhouse! Thank you for including me among your favorites. :)

  12. Thank you so much for featuring my work!!

  13. Lovin' all your things! Thank you for adding me to your favorites!

  14. I love the bird house and all the chooks. Thanks for including my magnet in your favoutites.