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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Winners Choice and Other Mulberry Lane News

   Anita of AMKreations, the winner of my give away was on vacation and now she's back and has chosen her item from my vintage shop Old Bittersweet! She chose this lovely Italian Square Storage Jar with a Wire Clamped Lid! Good choice Anita! And thanks to everyone who entered the give away!
A few months ago I discovered the artist Linda Martin on Etsy. She has two shops...
Country Life in Watercolor Acrylic Graphite
Preserving America's Horses One Face at a Time
She is it an Etsy team that I am in also--Christian Artists Street Team
I enjoyed her artwork so I started following her facebook page-http://www.facebook.com/LindaLMartinArtist , and learned about the Sand Wash Basin Wild Mustangs who also have a facebook. I had wood burned a horse and put it for sale in my etsy shop, so I posted it on the wild mustang facebook and they asked me to do wood burning of one of their horses, a band stallion
named Picasso.  I work at a tee shirt screen printing company so I scanned this and printed this tee shirt...
Then I decided to try painting one of the mustangs and I selected this colt named Falcon. (The photo is by photographer John Wagoner and I got his permission to use his photo.)
As a result I was featured as a guest artist on Linda Martin's Blog...
This is quite an honor. Linda has been painting horses for many years and I am very much a beginner!
Linda has become a good friend and I hope to meet her in person some day!
Here are my latest woodworking projects!
I thought it would be fun to put a hand carved tree on a birdhouse and carve a heart to customize with initials for wedding or anniversary gifts....

I sold three of these the first week I listed them!
AND last week I completed this project I've been working on and listed it in my Etsy shop! It is a Wedding Card Bird House for the reception gift table, for people to put cards in for the bridal couple. There are other woodworkers who sell this type of thing and they seem quite popular for weddings so I wanted to make mine unique! I saw a house something like this when I was out garage saleing and did a quick sketch and went from there! It is about 18" tall X 17" wide. It would be a nice keepsake box after the wedding.

I will hand letter their name and date on the little sign over the door!
I will woodburn their initials in the heart.

Here's the back with a screen door. The little stick that props it open is attached with a little leather hinge so it just lays down inside when it's closed.
Opinions? Do you think it would look better with the window shutters on the front and back painted instead of stained? I thought maybe green?
This was a fun project! Have a blessed week you all! Jennifer Beers


  1. Hi Jennifer:) Congratulations lil lady! You are just brimming over with talent. I'm so happy for you;) It's good to see that people are keeping the mustangs in the public eye. Your birdhouses are really coming up in the world. Have you made any bird condos yet?

  2. Thank you again!

    Your work is amazing...the painting...the birdhouses....I just love to look at the gift you've been blessed with!